Child’s Farm baby range review! 

We are big fans of the Child’s Farm toiletries range so I was super excited that they launched a baby product range when I was pregnant with Rosie.

I remember Evie being a few months old and found that another popular brand would dry her skin out. I did a bit of research and discovered Child’s Farm. If you’re not familiar with Child’s Farm, they are a small UK business that makes toiletry products aimed at children. They are paediatrician approved and can be used on sensitive and eczema prone skin.

I have been using the baby range on Rosie since she was born and I thought I would share some  of our favourite products with you.

We are big fans of the  baby bedtime bubbles. Rosie has this in her evening bath, it’s smells amazing and leaves her smelling like a little tangerine! Her skin is left smooth with no dry skin after.

Another product we love from this range is the baby oil. Rosie has had terrible cradle cap. I find a few sprays of the baby oil left to soak in really helps. I sometimes use a soft bristle brush once the oil is on to get rid of some of the cradle cap.

Finally, we have been using the nappy cream  with Rosie since she was a couple of weeks old. It works as a barrier cream. It’s really gentle and we have had no issues with her bottom being sore yet!

Child’s Farm also do a baby moisturiser as part of their baby range. I don’t really use moisturiser on the children but I have used it on myself and it left me feeling really smooth. I like that it didn’t have a strong scent either. Definitely worth a try if you do use moisturiser on your children.

Thank you for reading!


Holistic Hampers Review

Aromatherapy  isn’t something I have considered before I fell pregnant with Baby No2. I have always suffered with migraines. When I was pregnant with Evie they improved but they came back with vengeance for this pregnancy. I was really struggling with how to deal with them as I can’t take medication. I was ready to try anything. I discovered a lovely small business over on Facebook called Holistic Hampers…

They have been very helpful in advising me on aromatherapy products to help ease migraines.

I recently received some happy mail from the ladies over at Holistic Hampers. They create hampers, nappy cakes and their most recent addition- subscription boxes full of aromatherapy/ natural beauty goodies! They very kindly sent me a pregnancy friendly subscription box to try out.

Holistic Hamper 1

My box included…

Ylang Ylang bath fizzer– This was lovely. It made my skin feel so soft. When the fizzer hits your bath water it fizzes and releases the gentle ylang ylang essence into the air, helping you to relax and unwind. The fizzer is really handy as it splits into two so you can get two uses out it! I used one for my bath and Evie enjoyed the other half in her bath.

Lavender Oil– This smells amazing! I have been burning the oil in an oil burner in my bedroom. I am finding sleeping very difficult recently, with being in the third trimester of pregnancy, I am always waking and trying to get comfortable. I have burned the Lavender oil for the past three nights when I go to bed and I can honestly say I haven’t slept so well in a long time!

Vitamin E soap-I wouldn’t usually use a bar of soap (well that makes me sound clean! But you know what I mean?!) as I find they dry my skin out. But this Vitamin E bar is really nice. My skin felt fresh and really soft after a few uses. It will last a really long time so great value for money!

Echinacea Cream-This cream is really good for soothing, relieving and de-toxifying the skin. The cream is lovely and thick so a little goes a long way, but it applies really lightly and doesn’t make my skin feel clogged or oily. It was really good at soothing my super sensitive pregnancy skin after a day out in the sun!

Holistic hampers 3
Burning lavender oil

I have really enjoyed using the items in my box. It’s really good value for money, considering the majority of the item nos last a long time and you can get multiple uses out of them. I think it’s really fun to get some treats through your door every month, not knowing what they are. It’s a great way to try things you may not have tried before!

The subscription boxes are £10 plus P+P, if you speak to Holistic Hampers they can tailor your box to suit your needs eg allergies/medical issues. You can subscribe to monthly boxes or have a treat once in a while. They are flexible and you’re not tied into anything. Pop over to Holistic Hampers on Facebook to find out more!



Bibetta lunch bag review!

We were recently, very kindly sent a neoprene lunch bag by Bibetta. We love picnics and with all this lovely weather we have been having it was a great excuse to pack up the Bibetta lunch bag with our favourite picnic treats and head off for a spot of al fresco dining!

Our Bibetta lunch bag all packed, ready for a picnic!


The lunch bag is made of neoprene (reminds me of a wet suit) which is great as this regulates the temperature, is washable and stretchy so you can fit more food in!

I really liked that we could fit lots of things in the lunch bag and still close it due to the stretch. It’s also great for awkward shaped items and things that take up a lot of room in other lunch boxes such as cartons of drink.

Evie’s sippy cup did leak a bit inside the lunch bag. Luckily the neoprene fabric was absorbent and I could also pop it in the washing machine when we got home so that it was nice and fresh for the next time we use it.

We have a green lunchbag with little owls and there are some lovely other designs to choose from over on the Bibetta website.

We will be using ours for future picnics and when Evie takes a packed lunch to her Grandparents. It will also be great for taking to nursery and any children going back to school in September!

Tommee Tippee Ultra games and Ultra bottle!

Tommee Tippee have recently released a new bottle called ‘The Ultra bottle’ . We were kindly given one to try. Evie doesn’t have bottles anymore but we will definitely be giving them a whirl when baby arrives. The bottles have a breast like shape to encourage a natural latch which makes it easier to switch between breast or bottle. It also has a contour zone for a secure seal that helps to reduce air intake. I particularly like this feature, after having a colicy baby before I will do anything to help ease colic and reduce the air intake when feeding. The teat is also angled to make feeding for comfortable and help the milk to flow smoothly. The shape of the bottle is really easy to hold in your hand and the oz measurements are clearly marked at the side which is really handy when preparing a bottle.

Tommee T 2
Contour zone and breast shaped teat.



Coinciding  with the bottles release and the summer Olympics, Tommee Tippee are holding their own fun summer event over on their social media pages.  Pop over to the Tommee Tippee facebook page to take part in the Ultra Games. Each day celebrates a different baby sporting event eg crawling, smiling and even pooping! Take part and you could win a Tommee Tippee Ultra athlete pack!

Evie and I definitely had fun with the Ultra Sweatband and Ultra medal. She would certainly win first prize for running around and never running out of energy! She was so pleased with her medal and didn’t want to take it off for bath time!