A planned C-Section Pre-Op…What to expect.

I have known since before conceiving that if I had another baby it would be delivered via planned c section. I never knew that I would need a pre-op, it never crossed  my mind. While this isn’t a bad thing or really anything to be worrried about, I can’t help but be curious about what happens. I don’t like medical appointments, they unnerve me, I even get really nervous for scans.

So anyway, while waiting to have my pre-op, I scoured google for answers as to what would happen. Not a lot came up and what did was outdated.

So for those curios like  me I thought I would explain my experiece of a c section pre op.

My Pre-Op experience

It was all pretty straight forward and nothing to be worried about. My blood pressure was taken and pulse. The midwife then checked my urine. She took some blood and explained that they need a fresh sample incase a transfusion is needed. 

She then gave me a tablet called ‘Rantidine’ to take at 6am on the morning of my C-Section and explained that I shouldn’t eat or drink anything from 12am that morning. 

There was lots of paperwork to fill in, she asked me questions about my previous C-Section and we chatted about having 2 under 2 while she made some notes on the computer. 

I was then invited to lay on the bed and the Midwife listened to baby’s heartbeat and had a feel of her position. 

Then I was talked through what would happen on the day and my preferences in the operating theatre eg music/ skin to skin/ delayed cord clamping.

And that was it! Sent on my way and I will see them in 3days eeek! 

Like I say all pretty standard and nothing to fear. I just like to know what’s going to happen. 

Have you had a pre-op? Did yours differ or pretty much the same? 

Amy xx


What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

Eeek I’m nearly 37 weeks so I thought it was time I finalised Baby’s bag and had everything ready to go. Although I’m booked in for a planned C-Section at 39 weeks, there’s still a chance I could go into labour before! Hopefully not for a few weeks, you have some more cooking to do yet little lady!

Baby bag 1


So here’s what I’m taking for baby…

I am taking all of baby’s things in my new changing bag. My Mum was so lovely and bought me the Babymel Cara Navy Stripe bag. I love stripes and have been lusting after this for a while!

Baby bag 2Contents

-a pack of newborn nappies. There are 24 in this pack. I also liked this pack as it’s really compact so fits nicely in my bag.

-1 pack of water wipes- wipes that are 99.9% water, saves so much faff with cotton wool and warm water, especially for those first lovely poos! We used them with Evie and had no issues.

-1 white cellular blanket

-4 vests in newborn size

-4 sleep suits in newborn size (Evie was 7lb at 8 days late. I’ve had a growth scan and this baby is estimated to be a similar size full term so I think newborn size will be fine!) I might take some 0-3 and leave them in a bag in the car just in case.

-3 muslin clothes

-1 going home outfit- eeek I love the sleep suit we have chosen from Jojo Maman Bebe. So pretty and girly.

-2 hats (one for going home)

-knitted cardigan for going home.

-blanket for going home

-car seat for getting home. We have the  Maxi Cosi Cabriofix

-Jelly Cat teddy that Evie chose to give her little sister.


and that’s it! I have given the Mr a nursery tour and told him where everything is incase we need extras or have to stay in hospital longer than expected and need more things.

Baby bag 3

A handy little tip… I have packed baby’s outfits into Ziploc bags. Inside each Ziploc bag is a baby grow, vest and nappy. I have labelled two of them with ‘first outfit’ and ‘going home outfit’. As I’m having a C-Section I’ll be relying on the Mr to pass me the things I need. Last time he spent ages routing around my bag trying to look for what I had asked for! This time he can just find everything he needs inside each Ziploc bag. They’re also great for putting the dirty clothes in. If there are any poo explosions or sicky garments then they can be put back in a Ziploc, saving my bag from getting messy.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? Are there any other essentials I should pack?

Amy xx


What’s in my hospital bag…Planned C-Section

I am due to have a planned C-Section in mid September and if I go into labour naturally before then I will be having an emergency C-Section. With this in mind, I thought I would get organised and pack my hospital bag!

When I had Evie, I scoured the internet, you tube and blogs to discover what was best to pack in mine and baby’s hospital bags. I ended up taking everything but the kitchen sink and found so much of it wasn’t used.  Of course it never hurts to take more than you need, especially if you are expecting your first baby but this time I am more aware of what will happen and what I will need so I am only taking the necessary. Plus it means less to unpack and faff with when I get home.

Please bare in mind that this is for a planned C-Section.

So here is what I am taking for myself (babys will be in a different post)


-Maternity Notes

-Thin dressing gown (My hospital is very warm to keep the little bubbas warm so my big snuggly, fluffy dressing gown was a no no!)

-Dark nightie (from Bon Prix) I would advise a dark nightie so any blood stains are less visible. I won’t need one to labour in so I have just the one.

-Slippers  for when I need to walk around the ward to get food and pop to the toilet/shower.

-Big knickers- an essential for post C-Section. You need big Bridget Jones pants to pull up over your scar and plus they are flippin comfortable!

-Outfit to wear home. Most probably maternity leggings and dress. I found that I swelled alot post C-Sec for about 4 days so I will be wearing my maternity get up for a while.

-1 more outfit. I will go in in clean clothes that will probably only be worn for an hour. As soon as I get to hospital I have been advised that I will be asked to wear a hospital gown. As my outfit will be clean, I figure I’ll wear that the next day on the ward to save taking more clothes.

-Pack of ten maternity towels. Post op I will be provided with large absorbent sheets. Once I am able to walk and have had a shower I will use the maternity pads. 10 should be enough but I can ask the Mr to bring more in if needed.

Hosp bag 1

-Ten breast pads

-1 large towel and 1 hair towel. In dark purple. Again dark colours are advised.

-A book. Ok so I may not need this. When I had Evie she was in NICU so I was very bored on the ward and found it difficult to sleep. Obviously I’m praying that this little nipper will be with me on the ward and will be keeping me busy. But if I find it hard to sleep or wind down it’ll be handy to have a book about.

-Puzzle book (as above)

-Hair straighteners (I know, I know. Yes I probably won’t want to do my hair but, just in case I feel up to it)

-phone and charger


-Snacks for afterwards on the ward.

-Toiletries…toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hairbrush, hair bands, facial wipes, moisturiser, body wash, small loofer, shampoo and conditioner.

-Make-up I will be taking some BB cream and mascara. I just feel more like me and with it if I have a bit of make up on. Obviously not an essential!


Hosp bag 2

Two under two?! How I feel before baby arrives…

When we announced that baby No2 was on the way we were met with mixed reactions. We have been open about wanting a close age gap between Evie and her sibling so thankfully the people that really know us were over the moon and have shared nothing but excitement and support for our little family.

Some others met us with comments such as ‘was it planned?’ ‘you’ve only just had one!’ and one I particularly hate ‘you haven’t had long to enjoy Evie’.

We chose to have our children close together

I don’t think there is a right age gap. It’s whatever is right for your family and circumstances. I have friends who have an 8 year old and a 1 year old and that’s what has worked for them. While my cousin had a 15 month age gap between her children because that’s what was right for her circumstances.

For us, we felt it would work out better financially in the long run. I am hoping that in the future they will play together and keep each other entertained. We feel activities/ days out may be easier as it should aim at both of their ages. Also, the Mr is 10 years older than me so he didn’t want to feel like he was ancient when he picks the children up from school etc!

Both of my babies at their 12 week scan.


Of course I am anxious about having two children under two. It’s hard enough with one some days and I do wonder what it will be like throwing a baby into the mix. Will I ever leave the house again?! My feeling is, other people do it and survive to tell the tale. There will be hard days and good days. I’ll take each day as it comes.

As my pregnancy has progressed I’ve started to think, how will a new baby effect Evie? Will she be jealous?  Will she feel left out? Will I have enough love for two little people? Will I have enough energy? How will I split my time equally? Of course I can’t answer those questions yet. I can only hope everything works out ok. From speaking to other parent’s it seems my worries are normal and not just from parents with two under two. Introducing a new little person into your family can be daunting (and exciting!) whatever the age gap.

I’m always hearing comments along the lines of…’you’ll have your hands full’. I politely laugh it off while thinking ‘haven’t heard that one before’ and ‘yes it’ll be my hands, not yours so you no need to worry yourself’.

Whatever happens and whatever our future of having two children under two holds, there’s one thing I know…

My hands will be full but my heart will be even fuller




Gender reveal!

We found out the gender of baby No2 a couple of weeks ago!

When we went for our anomaly scan at 20 weeks the baby was being a pickle. They were curled up with their hand in front of their face so it was difficult for the sonographer to get the measurements she needed. She spent a long time on the spine and limbs and so ran out of time to check the heart, brain and face. Baby also had his or her legs crossed so we couldn’t find out the gender!

I left the hospital feeling very deflated.Not just because we didn’t know the gender but because I couldn’t be assured that everything was developing well with baby. I was hoping to leave with he or she getting the all clear and I could tick that off and relax a bit. I get really nervous about the anomaly scan as all I want is for baby to be ok. We were told to wait 2-3 weeks for a rescan.

The rescan date came around. Baby still had their hand infront of their face but luckily the sonographer was able to check the lips, nose and chin. She was then able to check the brain and phew everything ok! Baby was still being a pickle so we had to go for a walk and drink more water to try and get them to move. We went back in and the sonographer still couldn’t get a clear picture of the heart. She checked what she could but the heart had to be marked as incomplete scan on my record.

I then asked if she could have a go at seeing the gender. That part was easy, she showed us the ‘potty shot’ and it’s definitely ( well 4 of us agreed) it’s a….



We are thrilled! I genuinely did not mind if we had a boy or girl. I’m so excited for Evie to grow up with a sister and hopefully be best friends. I think the Mr felt a bit outnumbered at first but now he is just as excited.

We can’t wait for baby girl to join us earthside and make us a family of 4!

Amy xox


First Trimester

Seeing as I’m 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I thought I better write about my first trimester.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. I already knew I was pregnant, I had a feeling. But I had to wait to do a test as the Mr was away with work and I wanted him to be there when I took the test.

Although I had a feeling that I was pregnant, I was still surprised when I saw two blue lines!

A couple of days after the marvellous arrival of two blue lines, I started to get pain in the right ovary area. It wasn’t anything drastic, just a dull ache but at the back of my mind I was worried about an ectopic pregnancy. The pain followed with some brown spotting and then I definitely heard alarm bells ringing! I took a trip to the EPAU the next day, expecting the worse. I was given an internal scan which showed a viable pregnancy in my uterus (phew!) but the sonographer couldn’t get a look at the ovaries and fallopian tubes as my uterus had tilted backwards. She explained that it is very rare to get a pregnancy implant in the uterus and one implant elsewhere. After the scan I saw a doctor. She couldn’t find any reason for the spotting and suggested that the ache was things stretching out. I continued to have this pain until around 9-10 weeks and I couldn’t shake the feeling that although an ectopic was unlikely, it wasn’t impossible. Thankfully at around 10 weeks the ache disappeared and at my dating scan the sonographer was able to check my ovaries and everything looks as it should. I’m still not convinced it was just stretching pain but hey it’s gone and will remain one of life’s little mysteries!

Moving on from that event, the rest of my first trimester has remained pretty uneventful!

I haven’t suffered any sickness, I have had the odd wave of nausea in the evening.

Tiredness hit me hard around 10-13 weeks, this was mainly due to Evie deciding she didn’t need to sleep anymore. I was getting about 4 hours of broken sleep at night and on top of the usual pregnancy fatigue I felt wrecked! Thankfully, Evie is now sleeping better (please may it continue!).

The only other thing to mention is that my migraines with visual aura have come back. I haven’t experienced these for 8 years and didn’t have any when  I was pregnant with Evie. I have had about 7 in the last month. I am seeing my doctor soon but the likelihood is the pregnancy hormones that are triggering them.

So far this pregnancy feels identical to Evie’s but just milder symptoms with the addition of migraines.

Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy second trimester!

Amy x

We’re expecting baby No2!

The Mr and I are so excited to share that Evie will be joined by a little brother or sister in September!


We had our dating scan last Sunday and all looks healthy so far and I am almost 14 weeks. Official due date is September 21st, however I will probably have a elective C-Section slightly before. I see a consultant in a few weeks so I’ll update on that then.

This little bundle was planned, as was Evie (although as we’re not married, some people assume otherwise!) and there will be a 21 month age gap between Evie and Baby. We had always wanted a small age gap, for various reasons. I am very happy and excited to be adding to our family but a little nervous about having two under two!

I look forward to blogging pregnancy  updates and filling my IG feed with baby spam once baby is here!

Amy x