Bed time routine at 18 months

Here is Evie’s bedtime routine at 18 months. It has been similar to this from around 7 months. We will be moving Evie into a toddler bed soon, if it ever gets delivered. So I wanted to document what we do now before too much changes.


6.00pm is bathtime

Evie has loved baths since day one! She has a warm, shallow bubbly bath. We always use ‘Child’s Farm’ bath products. We use their bubble bath and hair and body wash. They are so kind to her skin and smell delicious! She has lots of bath toys but mainly loves splashing and filling and emptying her hair washing jug.


We go downstairs where Evie gets a clean nappy and dressed into her pyjamas. We dim the lights (not so much during the summer months!) and she settles down with me to have a beaker of warm milk and watch 10 minutes of ‘In the night garden’ . Which is probably more like 20 minutes on a bad day!


We go up to her bedroom to snuggle up on the cushions and she chooses 3 books for us to share together. There is usually some chasing and catching involved after the third story and I tell her it’s bedtime. Why go to sleep when you can stay up and play in your room!?


Once she is caught, I get Evie into her sleeping bag (she started having a toddler duvet at around 17 months to help prepare her for her big girl bed) . She has bedtime bear with her. I turn off all the lights. She doesn’t have a nightlight at the moment but I can imagine this will change when she is older and in a proper bed and is able to get in and out by herself.  I kiss her goodnight and that’s it! Evie has self settled from 7 months when I did two evenings of controlled crying. I’m lucky that she took to it well and she has self settled from that day.

Then it’s time for my evening routine and pray that I don’t hear a peep from her until 6.30 in the morning!

Amy x


Evie’s 18 month update!

I cannot believe that my little squidge has been earthside for a whole 18 months. Only  1year and half ago she was this tiny little bundle who couldn’t do anything for herself. Now she is a busy, active toddler with a big personality!

18 months



Evie eats most things. Not a massive lover of meat (like moi!) but loves chicken. Her favourite meals are macaroni cheese, spaghetti and meat balls, sweet potato wedges and chicken. Oh and she is partial to a fish finger!  Her favourite snacks are cheese, bread sticks and grapes.  She has 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Does get the odd extra if I’m trying to bribe her to be quiet around the supermarket! She has a beaker of cows milk with her breakfast and dinner and drinks water throughout the day. The occasional squash if I’m feeling generous haha!


Evie goes to sleep at 7pm. She is still in her cot but will be moving to her big girl bed soon (watch this blogging space). She sleeps with bedtime bear and a jelly cat bunny. She generally sleeps through until 6sih. During the day she has 1 nap of about 1.5-2 hours long. I miss the days of two naps and dreading the time when there are no naps.

I can

Evie can -walk up and down the stairs, stack a tower of blocks or cups, recognise basic colours, hold a pen in her palm and ‘draw’, recognise most everyday objects, animals etc, follow simple instructions.

I am learning to

Speak- Evie is a bit slow in the speech department. So far all we get is ‘Dad’ and ‘Duck’. Use a spoon, she can do this but keeps scooping up with the wrong end so needs a little bit more practice.

Evie loves

Running around, going to the park, swimming, playing chase, Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly, sharing and looking at books, the swings, eating and small world toys like Happy Land.

Evie hates

Long car journeys, avocado, having her hair washed in the bath, sitting in the pram.

At 18 months Evie loves to be around other children and familiar adults. She is very active and keeps me on my toes! She loves nothing more than to run around a park. She has great understanding of what I say but is quite headstrong and when she doesn’t want to listen, she won’t! She is starting to have little tantrums over the most ridiculous things, ignoring her or distraction usually wins her back around. She is very interested in the world around her. I can’t wait to watch her grow over the next 6 months and see how much she develops and changes, especially with baby sis joining the gang!

(Gosh that was rather report like, can you tell I’m a Teacher?!)

Thanks reading

Amy x