Halloween books!

It’s that time of year where I get out the Halloween book basket. I love themed book baskets and this one has lots of greats! We actually enjoy these books all year round but they have a link to Halloween so we’ve been reading them alot more lately.

These are the books my girls are loving for Halloween. Some of these have been enjoyed for a few years and are firm favourites…

1.Ten little monsters

This is a fun book about different monsters and Halloween characters. It begins with ten little monsters and each page looses a monster. Great for learning to count downwards from ten. We love the illustrations in his picture book. There is lots going on in the picture and Evie likes to take her time and see what she can spot in the picture. 

2.Meg and Mog

This was one of my favourite books when I was little and one of the first books I bought for Evie. Bold, bright illustrations and simple, snappy text. It’s great for young childrens attention span.


This is a new one for us this year but I can remember it from my childhood. It follows two skeletons and their skeleton dog on a midnight adventure to try and scare some people but they can’t find anyone to scare! 

4.Thats not my witch

Again, this is new to our collection. Rosie is the perfect age for the ‘thats not my…’ series. She loves discovering the textures and the bold illustrations. 

5.Room on the broom

This is one of the first books Evie fell in love with. She was given a sound book version when she was one, we now have a regular edition. She’s also been eyeing up the new book staring the witch ‘whoosh went the witch’. A great rhyming tale about a witch and the friends she picks up along the way. Evie loves it when the dragon starts to chase the witch and her new friends save her! 

6. Peppa’s Pumpkin Party

Not exactly a literary great but if your little one loves Peppa like my girls do, it’s bound to be a hit. Peppa and her chums dress up for Halloween, carve a pumpkin and have a party! 


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