Toddler speech delay, an update.

If you follow me then you will know that my eldest, Evie is now 2 and half and has a speech delay. I have been aware that her speech wasn’t developing as it should at her 1 year check and after 18 months of asking for support and getting fobbed off, a HV has finally agreed that she has a speech delay and we MAY get some help. 

Here is my previous post about Evie’s speech if you want to catch up. 

So here we are, Evie two and a half. Up until her second birthday she didn’t have any words, just babble. Around her second birthday she started saying Mum and that was it for a while. Her speech has really taken off since around March time with new words coming daily now. However she is still behind where she should be for her age. 

We recently had her 30 month check and it was finally acknowledged by a HV that she does have a delay. She currently has around 100 words and only speaks in singular words. She should have around 250 and be putting 2-3 words together E.G “Daddy work, drink please” . 

As she is making progress we are giving her two months to hopefully gain a wider vocabulary and start putting two words together. If she isn’t doing this by July then she will be referred to Speech and Language Therapy (SALT). Since her 30 month check she has on occassion’ put two words together, she has said “Pooh Bear, Bear Hunt’, mummy please, daddy please, oh no, help please, spider man” and as I’ve mentioned new words are coming daily. 

So that’s where we are. I’m starting to feel quite sorry for her now, although she’s so happy in her little world. But I notice when we go to toddler group or other places where there are children near to her age, they engage and want to play with Evie as does Evie but the language is quite a barrier. E looks more like 3 and a half and so people talk to her and ask her questions expecting a response, as you would but it’s a bit awkward when she answers back in gobbledygook and I explain that she has a speech delay. It’s also frustrating with people we do know because they assume that as she can’t verbally express herself them she doesn’t understand or doesn’t know things. She’s actually quite switched in all other areas and has great understanding. This is part of the reason she’s never been given any professional support. 

It’s also becoming increasingly frustrating sometimes to meet Evie’s needs. She’s so keen now to say things which is great but sometimes I can’t understand what she says at all. When she had no words she would point and make gestures. She does this less now she has more words but it can be a struggle to know what she’s asking for or pointing out. We’ve tried using pictures which is helping. 

Going forward we’re just supporting E as best we can, encouraging her to develop new words, reading books with her, singing songs, asking her questions, talking to her, praising her when she does use her words. I repeat things back to her that are not 100% clear to model the word to her and get clarification that that’s what she means. We focus on the things she can do not the things she can’t. She’s a happy little soul (tantrums aside!) and we just continue to enjoy her and her happy little world. 

Thanks for reading 

Amy xx

N.B I wrote this back in May and forgot tho hit the publish button. Evie speech has come a long way since then and I’ll write another update soon! X


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