My top  tips for surviving two under two

Alot of people ask me questions along the lines of… “was it hard having two under two?” or “what is it like having two little ones?”. 
The answer is yes it’s hard. Having two children under two is blooming hard work. You are torn between two needy people, sleep is a luxury and you don’t get a minute to yourself. On the upside it does get easier! For me, once Rosie was around 6 months old I found things easier. Both girls were sleeping through, Rosie didnt need constant feeding and Evie found Rosie a lot more interesting around this age. Despite the hard times it’s amazing watching the girls together, I love them so much and wouldn’t change a thing about their age gap. I think any age gap comes with its pros and cons. Anyway, with the hardest days in mind, I’ve put together my top  tips that got me through those early days…

1.Make a packed lunch the night before. A simple but effective tip! In the early days of having two under two, I made Evie and myself a packed lunch ready for the next day. That way I knew we would both eat and there wouldn’t be stress with E demanding food when I’m trying to sort Rosie out. As soon as E was ready for lunch I could quickly whip out the packed lunch. I would try to wait until Rosie napped so E and I could eat together. 

2. Shower in the evening when the girls are in bed/partner home. When it was just Evie, I could grab a shower when she napped or pop her in her bouncy chair in the bathroom. I feel with one there are ways of getting a shower in but with two I found it impossible. Evie wasn’t quite old enough for me to put in the bedroom to play and I had no where to put Rosie so I’d have a shower when E went to bed and Mr could watch Rosie. Just made sense for us.

3.Lay out all clothes etc for next day- so each evening I would lay my clothes out for the next day in my bedroom. I’d put R and Es clothes out in the living room with their nappies ready. I also double checked my changing bag to make sure we had everything ready if we went out the next day. This saves time and the faff of me searching through their wardrobes the next day.

4. Have a rough plan each day- I personally like to get out and about everyday, even if it’s just a walk to the shop. I get cabin fever if we’re in all day. With this in mind I always had a rough plan of what we would do the next day. That way I could plan around naps, feeds and have all the equipment we need eg double pram, bottles etc.

5. Batch cook in advance. Every parenting books screams this at you- batch cook and freeze for when baby arrives. I totally ignored this first time around and we did fine but I found it so useful with two. I found I really didn’t have much time to even bung  fish fingers in the oven let alone cook a healthy meal. So we cooked up things like spag bol and froze them. This saves loads of time in those hazy newborn days.

6. Invest in a good baby wrap/carrier- I know these can be a lifesaver in the fourth trimester (and beyond) when the little one wants to be held and be asleep in you. I would definitely get a wrap so you can meet baby’s needs and still play with your toddler. Rosie actually liked being led in her Moses basket to sleep or on the play mat and watch me and Evie when awake but I know if she has been more like Evie as a baby (clingy, fussy, cuddly) then a wrap would’ve been a life saver! 

7.Go with the flow and don’t put too much pressure on yourself– I definitely take each day as it comes. Plans don’t always go accordingly and that’s ok! And also don’t put pressure on yourself to do too much eg housework, cooking and parenting all at the same time. I set myself a task of doing one thing each day eg today I will get the washing done. 

Do you have any top tips? Do you have experience of a different age gap? 

Thanks for reading! Xx


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