Summer Bucket List 2017

It’s probably a very unpopular opinion but Summer is my least favourite of the seasons. I know, I know but I’m not a fan of the heat. I love that the sun is shining but I’m always counting down to autumn when the air is less heavy. Nonetheless we want to have as much fun as we can so here is our summer Bucket list! 

1.Visit the Beach

2.Eat ice Creams at the Rowdey Cow. 

3.Visit the splash pad at the park. 

4.Go on a Picnic to Bowood. 

5.Get the paddling pool out. 

6.Make fruit kebabs.

7.Ice sensory tub. 

8.Pick our own strawberries 

9.Visit Avon Valley Park

10.Go on a minibeast hunt

11.Go on a nature walk.

12. Visit Bourton on the water. 

13. Make an obstacle course in the garden

14. Build a sand castle

15. Roast Marshnallows on there BBQ. 

16. Make a jellyfish window catcher

17. Make ladybird stones.

18. Eat fish and chips at the seaside. 

19. Go on a trip on a bus. 

20.  Visit Farleigh Hungerford castle

What are your plans for the summer? What fun things are you hoping to get up to? 

Amy xx


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