Once Upon a Time -book bundle review

If you know us you know we love a book! It’s one thing I don’t mind spending money on for the girls and I love to watch their engagement and enjoyment that a good book brings. 

We recently discovered a lovely little business called ‘once upon a time book bundles’. I was quick to follow them on social media and when they contacted us to see if the girls would like to receive a bundle, we were super excited! 

Their bundles of books are tailored to your child’s age and matched as closely as they can with their interests. 

We  received a baby bundle, Rosie was thrilled and  although Evie is two, she  was just as keen to read all of the books! 

Rosie has been enjoying this lovely cloth books called ‘Whos in the garden?’. The pages make a scrunchy sound and one page even squeaks! Perfect for little hands and little minds to explore. 

The Rainbow fairy series has been great to pop in my handbag. I find it handy to take little things like this in my bag to entertain the girls when we’re out for lunch or having a coffee.

Evies favourite book has been ‘No matter what’ such a beautiful picture book with lovely words telling the little fox that no matter what, his Mummy will love him.

All in all we have been really impressed with ‘once upon a time book bundle’ The books are great quality, just as you would get in a bookshop. It’s a great way to start or build on your child’s book collection without spending a ridiculous amount of money. The delivery was quick from dispatch and they arrived in perfect condition. The books have been well matched to my children’s age/stage and Evie loved the little extras-stickers/canvas bag. It’s little touches like this that makes me love buying from small businesses. 

Thank you Once Upon a Time Book Bundles! 

Amy xx


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