Easter Basket 2017

You know me, I love a themed basket for special occasions and it’s that time of year to put an Easter basket together for the girls! This year the girls are almost two and a half and 7 months. 

The first thing I always add to our baskets is a book. This year Rosie has ‘Spots first Easter ‘ I thought it was appropriate seeing as it’s Rosie’s first Easter! Evie has ‘ We’re going on and egg Hunt’ a take on one of Evie’s favourite books- ‘we’re going on a bear Hunt’ it’s such a nice book with beautiful illustrations and lots of flaps to lift which E will love. 

Then they both have a little Easter themed gift. Evie has a tube of bubbles with an Easter rabbit face on the top. These were from  Matalan for about £2 and Rosie has a bunny face that lights up and changes colour. This was from poundland for £1 surprisingly. We had a similar one at Halloween in the shape of a ghost and Rosie still loves playing with it now so I’m sure she will love the bunny. Evie also has an Easter make and do book. This was 69p from home bargains. Some of the activities are a bit tricky for her but lots of them she can do with me and it’ll be a nice little activity to do while R naps. 

No Easter hamper would be complete without bunny ears! The big white ones are from poundland but E has had them in every hamper since she was born, gotta get your money’s worth! The floral pair are from Waitrose, they were £3. 
I don’t give Evie too much chocolate. It’s usually a real treat or my last resort bribery tactic. You know things have got desperate if that happens! Anyway, as it’s Easter I couldn’t let her go without a little choccie treat. She has a kinder bunny. Kinder is her favourite chocolate. This was about £2 from the supermarket. Rosie will only be 7 months old so no chocolate for her (mean old Mum) but more importantly she’s dairy free so definitely no choccie. As she’s so young Im sure she won’t mind but next year I will find her an alternative or some dairy free chocolate (ooo that sounds nice!). 

So that’s our Easter basket for this year! Do you make an Easter basket or something similar? What do you put in yours?
Amy xxx


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