Peppa Pig World March 2017

So this week Evie and I went on a mini break to Peppa Pig World with our favourite friend, Zoe! 

What a wonderful two days we had. Firstly Evie was a total gem! I don’t know what happened but there was no whinging, no tantrums, she happily waited in the ques and she loved hotel life! I was a bit worried it may be a bit too much for her and she would be too scared for any of the rides but she flippin loved it! 
We arrived on Friday, it was a bit grey and chilly but thankfully no rain. E was a bit overwhelmed at first and taking it all in. We managed to bribe her onto a tractor ride which is on the edge of Peppa World and she thought it was great fun. She then made a beeline to the gift shop (which I was hoping to leave until the end but hey ho!). She thought she was on super market sweep and grabbed everything she could find! With a bit of coaxing and explaining she settled on a Peppa Bear( like the one Peppa has) and a tub of Peppa playdough. She chose a mini bear for R. In a twist of fate the early shopping trip was actually a blessing because E then wanted to take Ted on EVERY ride and we did EVERY ride! We drove Peppas car, rode Grandpa Pigs boat, went to windy castle, rose Grandpa pigs miniature locamotive, the list goes on. The ques were small as it was a week day and E was so happy and had so much fun and so did the adults. 
After a successful day we made our way to our hotel. We stayed at the holiday Inn in Eastleigh near Southampton. I was really impressed. Obviously booking online we took a punt and hoped the reviews were accurate. It had a real family feel with Evie getting  an activity pack and helium balloon on arrival. Amazing  how happy a balloon can make someone! Children were also allowed to claim milk and cookies before bedtime which is sweet. Shame E spilled all her milk! 

The room was clean and had everything we needed. It wasn’t the comfiest of beds but I survived. The hotel restaurant was pleasant and E had a free children’s buffet, not gonna lie, might have nabbed a couple of her chicken nuggets hehe! 

We also had access to the hotels spa facilities and went for an evening dip in the pool which was great fun! 
Saturday arrived and we made our way back to Peppa World. The weather was beautiful but gosh, it was definitely a lot busier! Saturday certainly brings all the families to the yard. I would definitely recommend a weekday trip if you can. We hopped on a few rides and explored the soft play then made our way into Paultons Park. It was slightly quieter there and had some nice rides for the littles ones- we lived the tea cup dream!

All in all everyone had fun, we had an adventure and made memories and will definitely be going back!


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