Weaning Essentials

Rosie is now approaching 6 months old and I’m starting to get my head around weaning her soon. I’ve been on a little course led by my HV and have started getting everything prepared. So here are my top weaning essentials from my experience with Evie and things I think will be really handy this time around. I will be doing a mixture of spoon and baby led weaning as I did with Evie.

So here they are…

1.Sippy cup free flow. 

I know it can be messy to have a free flow cup but I’m told it is better for little ones as they are encouraged to lose the sucking reflex. Rose will only be drinking water from her sippy cup so I’m not too worried about mess. We found these tommee tippee ones great with Evie and have stocked up on some for Rosie. They are really reasonably priced, only about £1.50 in sainsburys.
2.Ice cube tray with lid

This is really useful if you’re making your own purees. Evie would eat about 1 ice cube size puree to begin with. It’s handy to pop one out, warm up and give to them. The lid helps keep it all in there when it’s still a liquid.

3. Masher and bowl.

I didn’t use one of these for Evie but I was recommended one and think it’ll be really handy. Great for mashing up food and giving it a bit of consistency rather than completely pureed.

4.Bibs- apron and neck.

As I will also be doing BLW I like to put an apron bib on the little one so all of their clothes are protected, it’s a messy business! I put a normal bib on aswell as I find food can still make its way under the apron. Sounds a bit OTT but I hate it when clothes get stained!


We use basic Tommee Tippee bowls for spoon fed meals. They’re cheap and durable and do the job!

6. Spoons

These Munchkin spoons are great for the start of weaning as they have a soft tip so it’s gentle on babies mouth. They’re also BPA free.

7 . Microwave steamer

I find this so useful to quickly steam up some vegetables. Saves the faff of getting my electric steamer out and is much quicker.

8. Ella’s Kitchen pouches 

I do prefer to make my own purees/meals but for when you’re out and about or in a rush I do find pouches really useful. I like to use Ella’s Kitchen as there is no rubbish added and they are organic.

9.Weaning Books

When I weaned Evie I felt a bit lost. You’re just left to it and it seems such an important stage that I wanted to get right. I invested in a couple of books, I found ‘Ella’s Kitchen First Foods’really good for meal ideas for purees and finger food. I also used Annabel Karmels book. Again it had some good meal ideas in it. The main draw for me was the weekly timetable at the beginning. It highlights when the baby should have milk and food. I found it really useful so I knew Evie was still getting the right amount of milk.

 10.Travel bowl and spoon.

If you’re anything like me you’re out and about a lot. I picked up a fab bowl with lid on in boots. The spoon attaches to the lid and has a cover so when you’re on the go and have to put the equipment back in your bag , the mess is protected!



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