Siblings Project #1 January 2017

This year I have decided to join in with the siblings Project. I think it will be great to have a monthly round up of the girls and so lovely to look back on.

Evie has been a big sister for a whole 4 months!  She has taken to it really well. To be honest, she wasn’t all that interested in Rosie when she first came along. Evie doesn’t show an interest in playing dolly’s or that bothered about friends babies so I thought this might be the case. But as Rosie is growing, becoming more alert and starting to do more things, Evie is a lot more interested.

Evie loves it when Rosie sits in her Mama and Papas Snug chair. She brings Rosie little toys and shows them to her. Rosie has just started to grab things and Evie gets so excited when Rosie takes it from her.

Rosie is usually up before Evie in the morning so when I get Evie, Rosie is on her play mat. Evie is always so happy to see Rosie and runs over to give her a kiss or a pat.

Rosie is constantly watching Evie as she plays and runs around. Rosie loves to sit in her bouncer and follow Evie around with her eyes, hopefully only picking up the good behaviour eh!

I can see a friendship begining to form. A lot of people say having two girls close together, there will be rows and cattiness. I’m sure I will have to break up the odd squabble but at the moment they are very relaxed with each other.


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