Child’s Farm baby range review! 

We are big fans of the Child’s Farm toiletries range so I was super excited that they launched a baby product range when I was pregnant with Rosie.

I remember Evie being a few months old and found that another popular brand would dry her skin out. I did a bit of research and discovered Child’s Farm. If you’re not familiar with Child’s Farm, they are a small UK business that makes toiletry products aimed at children. They are paediatrician approved and can be used on sensitive and eczema prone skin.

I have been using the baby range on Rosie since she was born and I thought I would share some  of our favourite products with you.

We are big fans of the  baby bedtime bubbles. Rosie has this in her evening bath, it’s smells amazing and leaves her smelling like a little tangerine! Her skin is left smooth with no dry skin after.

Another product we love from this range is the baby oil. Rosie has had terrible cradle cap. I find a few sprays of the baby oil left to soak in really helps. I sometimes use a soft bristle brush once the oil is on to get rid of some of the cradle cap.

Finally, we have been using the nappy cream  with Rosie since she was a couple of weeks old. It works as a barrier cream. It’s really gentle and we have had no issues with her bottom being sore yet!

Child’s Farm also do a baby moisturiser as part of their baby range. I don’t really use moisturiser on the children but I have used it on myself and it left me feeling really smooth. I like that it didn’t have a strong scent either. Definitely worth a try if you do use moisturiser on your children.

Thank you for reading!


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