Rosie’s 16 Week Update…

Rosie has Nutramigen formula (prescription for cows milk protein allergy) she has about 5-6oz every three hours. She has infant Gaviscon added to every feed due to reflux.  I was advised that because she has reflux she could start weaning at 17 weeks but I don’t feel she’s ready yet. I would prefer to wait until I feel she is ready as the infant Gaviscon seems to be helping (touch wood!)


Rosie goes to bed at 7pm and self settles (she has naturally fallen into this, no sleep training) she usually wakes around 5am for a feed and then back to sleep until between 7-8am. She has gone through 7-7 twice without a feed at all so we’re making progress!

We’ve just hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, she’s stirring a lot during the night and after her 5am bottle is deciding it’s time to get up! I pop her back in her cot and eventually she does nod off.

Naps are a bit all over the place at the moment. We’re out and about alot so she tends to grab naps in the car or pram. If we’re home I make a little bed up for on the sofa and she naps there but not for much longer than 20 mins at a time.


Walks in the pram

Her big sister

Bath time

Laying on her play mat and gym

Grabbing toys and chewing on them

Chewing on her fists

The song zoom zoom and the Mr Tumble theme tune (argh!)

Me leaving the room!
Rosie you are turning into such a happy, smiley baby!


3 thoughts on “Rosie’s 16 Week Update…

    1. Yeah she had a rough start! Was so unsettled until she was around 8 weeks and she was given Nutramigen and Gaviscon. I’m hoping she’ll grow out of both. She’s much happier now, although teething has begun argh! X


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