Rosie’s 8 week update

At 7 weeks old, Rosie was finally diagnosed with milk protein allergy. She is having Nutramigen formula. She feeds every 3-4 hours and has 4oz. She weighs 11lbs! 


Rosie has become a lot more alert during the day. If we’re out and about she will usually nod off in the car seat or pram. She finds it more difficult to nap at home. She likes her bouncy chair when we’re at home. 

During the nightime, Rosie still sleeps in her Moses basket next to me. She has a bath at 8.30 then bottle and put down at 9pm. Her sleep is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she only has 1 feed, other times it’s 2 feeds. The best she has slept is 9pm-3am then 3.30am-7am. 


Rosie like walks in the pram, being in her car seat, bath time, watching her big sister. 


Being held too much and blankets!

Even now moving onto Nutramigen, Rosie seems unsettled. We have to give the milk two weeks and if no improvement then we’ll be off to the Drs again. 


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