Hello 2017!

Happy 2017 from me and my family!

The Mr will go nuts when he finds out his mug is on here mwahaha!

I feel quite sad that another year has passed and on the other hand, excited for the new year ahead. 

2016 on the whole was good to us. We had our beautiful baby Rose, enjoyed a family holiday and had good times with friends. I got to watch Miss Evie grow and develop and become such a character. We have made lots of new friends at toddler groups and reconnected with The Misters son. We have enjoyed so many little adventures along the year. 

I don’t believe in ‘New Years Resolutions’, everyday is a new day and you have the power to make changes everyday. However I have promised myself that I will get back to giving blood regularly. Once Rosie is 6 months old I can give again. It’s something I used to do before I had Evie and I’ve got out of the habit. But I think it’s so important to give blood if you can so I’m gonna practice what I preach!

I’m looking forward to all the adventures 2017 has to offer and pray there is more good than bad in our lives and in the world.

New Year Bucket List

1.Family break to Center Parcs

2.Celebrate me turning 30

3.Celebrate Rosie’s first birthday

4.Enjoy a me and the Mr trip to London to watch a Westend show.

5.Evie to start Pre-School

6.Get lots of use out of our Longleat Passes

7.Trip to Peppa Pig world with Zoe.

8.Keep up with Slimming World and work towards my target.

9.Give blood

10.Enjoy every moment with my babies and if we’re having an off day, remember, it’s a bad day not a bad life.

Whatever the new year has in store, I hope it’s a good one for you and enjoy the crazy ride that is life! 
Happy 2017 

Amy xox 


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