My toddler can’t talk

So my wonderful Miss Evie is 23 months old and is yet to say any real words. We had duck for a while but I haven’t heard that in a long time and Dada but it’s not always directed at Daddy.

She’s developed well in all other areas.Always met other milestones early or on time. She can recognise numbers 1-5, basic shapes, colours. She knows people’s names, she can follow two part instructions but she just can’t verbalise any of it. 

When she was a year old I noticed that she didn’t babble like the milestone book said she should be doing. All she babbled was baba. The HV wasn’t worried. Said she’s inquisitive, confident, met all other milestones. Come back at 18 months. 

Her babbling did develop and I hoped some words might come spouting out but at 18 months, not a sausage. Again I was told not to worry. She has good understanding and non verbal communication. The HV would check in with us when she’s 21 months. 

21 months came and still no words. Again the HV said she wasn’t worried. They can’t refer her for speech and language support as she doesn’t meet the criteria due to her meeting all other milestones, good non verbal communication and understanding! 

It does worry me, I feel like she is never going to talk. In a way I’m so used to communicating with her without speech, when she does talk it’s going to be strange. 

I’m always told to make sure I share books with her, sing songs, talk to her, ask her questions. I find it a bit insulting as I’ve been doing everything like this since she was a baby. I started sharing books with her at two weeks old, always singing and chatting away to her. We go to the library, baby/toddler groups, socialise with friends. 

It is becoming increasingly frustrating for all of us.

 90% of the time I know what Evie is telling me via pointing etc but that small percent of the time, when I have no clue what she wants to tell me, is so frustrating and heartbreaking.

She may lack in the speech department but my little sausage is a bright, happy, loving squidgy that certainly doesn’t let a little thing like speech delay stand in her way!

Does your child have a speech delay? How do you feel? How do you encourage their speech? I’d love any hints or tips! 


13 thoughts on “My toddler can’t talk

  1. My little boy has speech delay too. I found Mr Tumble has really helped, we do a lot of makaton sign language to communicate. He does have words but he doesn’t use them so HV said she’s not worried yet. He understands me but just doesn’t say much. I understand what he means ‘nurrr’ is milk and he counts and I know he’s saying 1,2,3,4,5 but it doesn’t come out that way!
    I’ve requested a hearing test because I had speech therapy as a kid but my problem was my hearing. If there’s nothing wrong I’ll try not to be massively concerned until 2 and a half. He’s 2 and 4 months now.

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  2. Bless your little one, I can’t say about my loo as she’s only a year but I know I had same problem when I was young. By the age of year 4-5 felt embarrassed because I couldn’t say yoguurt for some reason but what did help was just one person being patient enough with me to learn how to pronounce it. What I would recommend is if she gets to a certain age and struggles with anything else, as long as that one person is there she’ll learn it much faster than sitting in a classroom of 30 children πŸ™‚ Hope it helps x

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Bridget. I’ll be sure to help her out. I know how frustrating it is as an adult not to be able to pronounce something so it must be so difficult for little ones xx


  3. Gosh that must be so difficult for you, I have very chatty kids but one has recently been diagnosed with autism… we do have some challenges but in other aspects.
    However, I would suggest that you put your foot down and consult a specialist as I think it sounds like you may be being fobbed off.

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    1. Yes I think I’m going to wait until her 2, year 3 month check. If she still isn’t saying anything I will push for support. I’ll refer her to S&L myself. I’m a Teacher so know how to do it! X

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  4. I’m very fortunate that our HV was very supportive and J was referred to Soeech therapist at about 20m (although I think difference may be that he was meeting communication milestones then regressed suddenly at 9months. Our therapist is lovely and we use Makaton and pecs so J can get his meaning across (but like you I already know most the time as used to his pointing and gesturing). All I can say is keep pushing for support if you feel you need it. Also try children centers as they sometimes have other avenues of support x

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    1. Thank you, I’m going to pester the HV when they reopen and if no joy I’ve been given info of a centre I can go to. Fingers crossed. Hopefully this time next year our babies will be chatting away! X


  5. I was about to post about my speech delay girl and I decided to see if any other mommas out there were in the same boat as I am. My girl is 19 months old and we just finished the Hanen Speech Program. It was amazing! I learned so much that basically went agains everything that I knew to be true. However, today I got really sad when I started thinking about how my friend’s daughter (who was born in the same hospital just about a half day before mine!) calls her mama and I want soooo badly to hear that! I know that my little squish loves me, so I don’t need to hear it, but it would be so great! She’s the youngest of two and her big sister is hyper-verbal, so that’s probably not helping. Anyway, I’m here to say that I know what you’re going through and you should check out Hanen speech programs in your area. πŸ™‚

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    1. Aw thank you for your comment
      It’s hard isn’t it. I just took it for granted that E would be talking by now. I’m still not having much joy with my Health Visitor to I’m going to see the GP to see if they can help. It is so sad when they can’t say Mummy 😦 thank you for sharing your experience, it always helps to know I’m not alone xx

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  6. I wouldn’t worry to much about it. My son didn’t say a work until he was 3 years and eve then he was quite lazy with talking. He had other ways of communicating with us, signs or sounds that we eventually worked out their meaning. He’s now 11 and even though he’s dyslexic he’s better than average in other subjects. It just shows that every child is different in their development and interests. I’m sure your daughter will soon start talking.
    All the best,

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    1. Thanks for your comment Vanessa πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear your son is doing well now. E has started saying a couple of words now so I’m hopeful were on the up. They are all so different x


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