Life with a two under two so far…

 When we are met by new faces at toddlers or out and about, one of the first things people ask when they see I have two young children is”what is the age gap” usually followed by “gosh how are you coping!”. I smile and reply with “I just get on with it”. 

Which is a true  and a great quick reply but two under two, how am I coping? How am I finding it?
In all honesty you do just get on with it. Life is definitely more hectic. Trying to get out of the house is a military operation and my day is ran by a good routine.

We manage to get out the house everyday. There have been a couple of fails in the early days but now we’re in a routine we make it. 

I like routine and organisation anyway but life definitely has to have more of that at the moment. I get the girls clothes ready the night before and lay them out with nappies ready for the next day. I check my changing bag in the evening and ensure everything I need for a trip out is sorted. I set up an invitation to play for Evie every night so that she has something to do first thing which means I can feed Rosie in peace and wash up bottles, make breakfast etc. I plan Evie’s meals so I know what I’m doing come 5pm and don’t have to worry that I haven’t got anything. Of course this level of organisation isn’t for everyone but it works for me! 

There are days , especially in the first few weeks when I’ve cried. Rosie, at 7 weeks was diagnosed with CMPA ( cows milk protein allergy) and she had been very unsettled and poorly in those first few weeks. I didn’t necessarily find having two hard but felt like I was failing Rosie as she always seemed so unhappy. I didn’t know at the time that there was a medical reason. 

I definitely have twice the Mum guilt! Making sure I have spent enough with each child and making sure both have been sufficiently stimulated. The laundry pile never seems to go down and life is a bit of a cycle of nappy changes and feeding at the moment! 
It feels like Rosie has always been here and I can’t imagine life without both of my munchkins. I definitely do not regret having two children close together. Yes there are bad days when things seem too much. Rosie decided to fight her naps and Evie is having tantrum after tantrum. But on the whole the good days far outweigh the bad!

As the saying goes…’ my hands are full but my heart is even fuller’

What age gap do you have between your children? How do you find it?

Amy xx


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