Halloween Basket 2016

Oh I do love a themed basket full of activities and treats and Halloween is a great excuse to put one together, right? I love putting seasonal baskets together and it’s great to see Evie enjoy all the goodies. All the items are reasonably priced, I haven’t spent a fortune and come mainly from supermarkets and Amazon. So here is what’s in our Halloween basket…

For me, no seasonal basket is complete without books! Spooky spells and Peppa are actually books I bought last year. I’m taking advantage of the fact that E won’t remember them from last year so they will still seems new to her! I’m really looking forward to sharing ‘ten little monster’s with her. 

We don’t go trick or treating and E doesn’t get chocolate/sweets unless it’s a special occasion so I’m sure she will enjoy these couple of Choccy treats! The Mr picked up the Peppa DVD in Sainsburys . Will be a great way to spend a chilled hour over the weekend. 

I got this cupcake making set from Asda. Evie loves to help with baking so I’m sure we will have fun making some spooky treats! The cup was also from Asda. I will be making Evie a Halloween themed breakfast so this will go well with it. 

Of course, as Rosie is only 6 weeks old I didn’t get her much but didn’t want her to go without anything. She has this cute baby vest and Halloween bib, both from Tesco. 

So that’s our basket! Have you made a Halloween basket? What did you put in there?  

Amy xx


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