Rosie’s Birth Story!

Rosie is already a whole month old and currently snoozing in her Moses basket next to me. So I thought I would take the opportunity to write down her birth story.

It’s a lot less dramatic and much more positive than Evie’s. So here we go…

I was booked in for a planned C-Section on Thursday 15th September. I managed to keep baby cooking u til this date. We arrived at the hospital at 7.30am and we’re shown to our room. I didn’t enjoy my experience on the ward last time so I requested to pay for a private room and luckily there was one available.

A series of medical staff (Midwife, Anesnatist, two obstetricians and a consultant) came to meet us and talk us through the procedure.

I was told I would be going down to theatre at about 10am. The midwife sorted me out with some surgical stockings and gowned me up. Next we were escorted down from the ward to the delivery suite and shown to a little room where the Mr got into scrubs and I was getting more nervous by the minute. Again we were greeted by more medical staff, carrying out checks. Then the moment came. They were ready for us…

I walked into the theatre and it was like a scene from hobby City. Exactly how I would imagine an operating theatre. There were about ten people in there, busy doing whatever they were doing. Again more checks and all I could do was look at the operating table and think  crikey, I’m going to have my baby on there within the hour!

I was asked to perch on the side of the table to the spinal could be inserted. This is where the fun began…it took 4 attempts to get that bad boy in! I think the problem was, well, me freaking out. I was asked to skimp my shoulders and stick my back out. I thought I was trying my best but where I was tensing, I kept arching my back. The snesnatist put some local anaesthetic into my back-ouch and tried to insert the spinal. I felt a sharp pain in my back and knew it wasn’t right. This happened there times. I then sat there and thought “focus Amy”. If they can’t get this in I’ll have to have a general and I’m not missing another one if my children’s births.i took some deep breaths and focussed on the pattern on my gown and squeezed Mike’s hands. Bingo it went in no trouble and it was painless. Just felt like someone had pushed me in the back.

A warm tingly sensation took over my bum and thighs almost instantly. I had to quickly swivel around and Kay on the table before I couldn’t move!

Next thing I know I’m being hooked up to various machines, a midwife was trimming me up down there ahem and a sheet was put up. Mike was by my side, holding my hand. Enter the surgeons and we were off!

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy the first part. I felt lots of pressure which wasn’t so bad. I felt like I wanted to take deep breaths but I couldn’t seem to take in enough air and I started to panic a little that I couldn’t breath. The anaesthetist explained that it was because my diaphragm was numbed and I couldn’t use it properly. I was given oxygen and started to chill.

They announced that they were ready to bring our girl into the world. I felt a massive yanking and tugging which I did not enjoy! They lowered the screen and we saw our baby enter the world.

I’m crying writing this part because seeing that little person being born was thee most amazing moment of my life. She was all grey, wrinkly and covered in vernix. She was screaming and I just wanted to hold her. She was placed on my legs for skin to skin and a light shine on her to keep her warm. They allowed delayed cord clamping.

She was then taken to the resuss area to be cleared of mucus and weighed. The Mr followed her and bought her to me.

Unfortunately I had low blood pressure so couldn’t hold her as the weight of her on my chest would not be ideal. But The Mr held her right next to me and we both stared at her for what felt like a day. She looked just like Evie.

The rest of the operation seemed to take forever. It wasn’t painful, just felt lots of pressure and prodding! There was a weird calm in the room, with me and the Mr staring at baby girl, the anaesthetist and midwife writing up their notes. I could hear the surgeons having a conversation about their weekend and asking for equipment.

Finally it was all complete. Mr and baby were taken through to recovery while I was moved onto a bed and then wheeled through.

I finally got to hold my baby and I cried again! Recovery was my favourite part of the day. The nurse was so lovely, it was air conditioned, I held baby, fed her and we phoned our parents with the good news. I felt like I was in a blissful bubble, the only thing missing was my biggest baby not being there.

And just like that we were a family if four. In all honesty I didn’t enjoy the C-Section or the stay in hospital afterwards. But seeing my girl come into the world and being a Mummy straight away rather than through NICU was amazing.

Starting a new chapter, making new memories and going on new adventures with our girl gang. Perfect.

N.B They most probably will not read this but I want to say a big thank you to all the hospital staff. Everyone was amazing. A huge huge thank you to my anaesthetist. All I can remember was his name is Chris. I laterally would not have got through the C-Section without him. He answered my questions, put up with my worrying and wimpery and kept chatting to me throughout to keep my mind off what was going on (I’m rather squeamish!).


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