A planned C-Section Pre-Op…What to expect.

I have known since before conceiving that if I had another baby it would be delivered via planned c section. I never knew that I would need a pre-op, it never crossed  my mind. While this isn’t a bad thing or really anything to be worrried about, I can’t help but be curious about what happens. I don’t like medical appointments, they unnerve me, I even get really nervous for scans.

So anyway, while waiting to have my pre-op, I scoured google for answers as to what would happen. Not a lot came up and what did was outdated.

So for those curios like  me I thought I would explain my experiece of a c section pre op.

My Pre-Op experience

It was all pretty straight forward and nothing to be worried about. My blood pressure was taken and pulse. The midwife then checked my urine. She took some blood and explained that they need a fresh sample incase a transfusion is needed. 

She then gave me a tablet called ‘Rantidine’ to take at 6am on the morning of my C-Section and explained that I shouldn’t eat or drink anything from 12am that morning. 

There was lots of paperwork to fill in, she asked me questions about my previous C-Section and we chatted about having 2 under 2 while she made some notes on the computer. 

I was then invited to lay on the bed and the Midwife listened to baby’s heartbeat and had a feel of her position. 

Then I was talked through what would happen on the day and my preferences in the operating theatre eg music/ skin to skin/ delayed cord clamping.

And that was it! Sent on my way and I will see them in 3days eeek! 

Like I say all pretty standard and nothing to fear. I just like to know what’s going to happen. 

Have you had a pre-op? Did yours differ or pretty much the same? 

Amy xx


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