What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

Eeek I’m nearly 37 weeks so I thought it was time I finalised Baby’s bag and had everything ready to go. Although I’m booked in for a planned C-Section at 39 weeks, there’s still a chance I could go into labour before! Hopefully not for a few weeks, you have some more cooking to do yet little lady!

Baby bag 1


So here’s what I’m taking for baby…

I am taking all of baby’s things in my new changing bag. My Mum was so lovely and bought me the Babymel Cara Navy Stripe bag. I love stripes and have been lusting after this for a while!

Baby bag 2Contents

-a pack of newborn nappies. There are 24 in this pack. I also liked this pack as it’s really compact so fits nicely in my bag.

-1 pack of water wipes- wipes that are 99.9% water, saves so much faff with cotton wool and warm water, especially for those first lovely poos! We used them with Evie and had no issues.

-1 white cellular blanket

-4 vests in newborn size

-4 sleep suits in newborn size (Evie was 7lb at 8 days late. I’ve had a growth scan and this baby is estimated to be a similar size full term so I think newborn size will be fine!) I might take some 0-3 and leave them in a bag in the car just in case.

-3 muslin clothes

-1 going home outfit- eeek I love the sleep suit we have chosen from Jojo Maman Bebe. So pretty and girly.

-2 hats (one for going home)

-knitted cardigan for going home.

-blanket for going home

-car seat for getting home. We have the Β Maxi Cosi Cabriofix

-Jelly Cat teddy that Evie chose to give her little sister.


and that’s it! I have given the Mr a nursery tour and told him where everything is incase we need extras or have to stay in hospital longer than expected and need more things.

Baby bag 3

A handy little tip… I have packed baby’s outfits into Ziploc bags. Inside each Ziploc bag is a baby grow, vest and nappy. I have labelled two of them with ‘first outfit’ and ‘going home outfit’. As I’m having a C-Section I’ll be relying on the Mr to pass me the things I need. Last time he spent ages routing around my bag trying to look for what I had asked for! This time he can just find everything he needs inside each Ziploc bag. They’re also great for putting the dirty clothes in. If there are any poo explosions or sicky garments then they can be put back in a Ziploc, saving my bag from getting messy.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? Are there any other essentials I should pack?

Amy xx



4 thoughts on “What’s in baby’s hospital bag?

  1. You are so much more prepared than I was! I packed my bag days before my due date (he came a day later), and we just threw things in there… tons that we didn’t need, and almost nothing that we ACTUALLY needed. I’ll know better for the next one. Very cute little things!


    1. Hehe, I like to be organised. I had a little panic when I thought I was going into early labour the other day. I took so much last time so I’m only taking the essentials this time. Hoping not to be in there too long! πŸ™‚ x

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