Bibetta lunch bag review!

We were recently, very kindly sent a neoprene lunch bag by Bibetta. We love picnics and with all this lovely weather we have been having it was a great excuse to pack up the Bibetta lunch bag with our favourite picnic treats and head off for a spot of al fresco dining!

Our Bibetta lunch bag all packed, ready for a picnic!


The lunch bag is made of neoprene (reminds me of a wet suit) which is great as this regulates the temperature, is washable and stretchy so you can fit more food in!

I really liked that we could fit lots of things in the lunch bag and still close it due to the stretch. It’s also great for awkward shaped items and things that take up a lot of room in other lunch boxes such as cartons of drink.

Evie’s sippy cup did leak a bit inside the lunch bag. Luckily the neoprene fabric was absorbent and I could also pop it in the washing machine when we got home so that it was nice and fresh for the next time we use it.

We have a green lunchbag with little owls and there are some lovely other designs to choose from over on the Bibetta website.

We will be using ours for future picnics and when Evie takes a packed lunch to her Grandparents. It will also be great for taking to nursery and any children going back to school in September!


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