Tommee Tippee Ultra games and Ultra bottle!

Tommee Tippee have recently released a new bottle called ‘The Ultra bottle’ . We were kindly given one to try. Evie doesn’t have bottles anymore but we will definitely be giving them a whirl when baby arrives. The bottles have a breast like shape to encourage a natural latch which makes it easier to switch between breast or bottle. It also has a contour zone for a secure seal that helps to reduce air intake. I particularly like this feature, after having a colicy baby before I will do anything to help ease colic and reduce the air intake when feeding. The teat is also angled to make feeding for comfortable and help the milk to flow smoothly. The shape of the bottle is really easy to hold in your hand and the oz measurements are clearly marked at the side which is really handy when preparing a bottle.

Tommee T 2
Contour zone and breast shaped teat.



Coinciding  with the bottles release and the summer Olympics, Tommee Tippee are holding their own fun summer event over on their social media pages.  Pop over to the Tommee Tippee facebook page to take part in the Ultra Games. Each day celebrates a different baby sporting event eg crawling, smiling and even pooping! Take part and you could win a Tommee Tippee Ultra athlete pack!

Evie and I definitely had fun with the Ultra Sweatband and Ultra medal. She would certainly win first prize for running around and never running out of energy! She was so pleased with her medal and didn’t want to take it off for bath time!


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