What’s in my hospital bag…Planned C-Section

I am due to have a planned C-Section in mid September and if I go into labour naturally before then I will be having an emergency C-Section. With this in mind, I thought I would get organised and pack my hospital bag!

When I had Evie, I scoured the internet, you tube and blogs to discover what was best to pack in mine and baby’s hospital bags. I ended up taking everything but the kitchen sink and found so much of it wasn’t used.  Of course it never hurts to take more than you need, especially if you are expecting your first baby but this time I am more aware of what will happen and what I will need so I am only taking the necessary. Plus it means less to unpack and faff with when I get home.

Please bare in mind that this is for a planned C-Section.

So here is what I am taking for myself (babys will be in a different post)


-Maternity Notes

-Thin dressing gown (My hospital is very warm to keep the little bubbas warm so my big snuggly, fluffy dressing gown was a no no!)

-Dark nightie (from Bon Prix) I would advise a dark nightie so any blood stains are less visible. I won’t need one to labour in so I have just the one.

-Slippers  for when I need to walk around the ward to get food and pop to the toilet/shower.

-Big knickers- an essential for post C-Section. You need big Bridget Jones pants to pull up over your scar and plus they are flippin comfortable!

-Outfit to wear home. Most probably maternity leggings and dress. I found that I swelled alot post C-Sec for about 4 days so I will be wearing my maternity get up for a while.

-1 more outfit. I will go in in clean clothes that will probably only be worn for an hour. As soon as I get to hospital I have been advised that I will be asked to wear a hospital gown. As my outfit will be clean, I figure I’ll wear that the next day on the ward to save taking more clothes.

-Pack of ten maternity towels. Post op I will be provided with large absorbent sheets. Once I am able to walk and have had a shower I will use the maternity pads. 10 should be enough but I can ask the Mr to bring more in if needed.

Hosp bag 1

-Ten breast pads

-1 large towel and 1 hair towel. In dark purple. Again dark colours are advised.

-A book. Ok so I may not need this. When I had Evie she was in NICU so I was very bored on the ward and found it difficult to sleep. Obviously I’m praying that this little nipper will be with me on the ward and will be keeping me busy. But if I find it hard to sleep or wind down it’ll be handy to have a book about.

-Puzzle book (as above)

-Hair straighteners (I know, I know. Yes I probably won’t want to do my hair but, just in case I feel up to it)

-phone and charger


-Snacks for afterwards on the ward.

-Toiletries…toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hairbrush, hair bands, facial wipes, moisturiser, body wash, small loofer, shampoo and conditioner.

-Make-up I will be taking some BB cream and mascara. I just feel more like me and with it if I have a bit of make up on. Obviously not an essential!


Hosp bag 2


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