Two under two?! How I feel before baby arrives…

When we announced that baby No2 was on the way we were met with mixed reactions. We have been open about wanting a close age gap between Evie and her sibling so thankfully the people that really know us were over the moon and have shared nothing but excitement and support for our little family.

Some others met us with comments such as ‘was it planned?’ ‘you’ve only just had one!’ and one I particularly hate ‘you haven’t had long to enjoy Evie’.

We chose to have our children close together

I don’t think there is a right age gap. It’s whatever is right for your family and circumstances. I have friends who have an 8 year old and a 1 year old and that’s what has worked for them. While my cousin had a 15 month age gap between her children because that’s what was right for her circumstances.

For us, we felt it would work out better financially in the long run. I am hoping that in the future they will play together and keep each other entertained. We feel activities/ days out may be easier as it should aim at both of their ages. Also, the Mr is 10 years older than me so he didn’t want to feel like he was ancient when he picks the children up from school etc!

Both of my babies at their 12 week scan.


Of course I am anxious about having two children under two. It’s hard enough with one some days and I do wonder what it will be like throwing a baby into the mix. Will I ever leave the house again?!ย My feeling is, other people do it and survive to tell the tale. There will be hard days and good days. I’ll take each day as it comes.

As my pregnancy has progressed I’ve started to think, how will a new baby effect Evie? Will she be jealous?ย  Will she feel left out? Will I have enough love for two little people? Will I have enough energy? How will I split my time equally? Of course I can’t answer those questions yet. I can only hope everything works out ok. From speaking to other parent’s it seems my worries are normal and not just from parents with two under two. Introducing a new little person into your family can be daunting (and exciting!) whatever the age gap.

I’m always hearing comments along the lines of…’you’ll have your hands full’. I politely laugh it off while thinking ‘haven’t heard that one before’ and ‘yes it’ll be my hands, not yours so you no need to worry yourself’.

Whatever happens and whatever our future of having two children under two holds, there’s one thing I know…

My hands will be full but my heart will be even fuller





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