Day trip to Bowood!

My friend Zoe and I took Evie to Bowood yesterday (9th July 2016) for a little day out to celebrate my birthday!

We had such a lovely day. We started off visiting Tractor Teds little farm. Evie enjoyed riding the tractors and visiting the animals. She was particularly fond of the pigs and chickens. Some of the animals are kept in a barn which was really clean and well spaced. The others were outside, again in a clean, spacious area. I believe you can stroke the animals but we didn’t (I’m a bit funny about that sort of thing while pregnant!).

Then we had a wonder through the gardens to check out the soft play. Evie enjoyed running around in there but I would say it was more for older children 5+ so we didn’t stay long.

We left the soft play and headed for the adventure playground. This is awesome for the older children. I would’ve loved it when I was younger. We found some swings for Evie to go in but again it was a little bit old for E.

We had lunch in the ‘Treehouse Cafe’ which was lovely. The service was quick and the staff were friendly. There was a good choice on the menu, even if I did just have a bowl of chips ( all I fancied!). Evie enjoyed a Tractor Ted box meal which included 5 items for ยฃ5 in a little tractor box.

To end our day we went back into the gardens. Evie burned some energy and had a run around the huge landscape area. I relaxed and my marvellous friend Zoe, chased Evie around for me (pregnancy perks!)


There are lots of other things to look around, including the house, a lake, waterfall and caves and another restaurant .

If you are in the area, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Bowood. It’s such a lovely place for children to play, have picnics and have a walk around and at a really reasonable price.

Where are your favourite days out?

Amy x


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