Gender reveal!

We found out the gender of baby No2 a couple of weeks ago!

When we went for our anomaly scan at 20 weeks the baby was being a pickle. They were curled up with their hand in front of their face so it was difficult for the sonographer to get the measurements she needed. She spent a long time on the spine and limbs and so ran out of time to check the heart, brain and face. Baby also had his or her legs crossed so we couldn’t find out the gender!

I left the hospital feeling very deflated.Not just because we didn’t know the gender but because I couldn’t be assured that everything was developing well with baby. I was hoping to leave with he or she getting the all clear and I could tick that off and relax a bit. I get really nervous about the anomaly scan as all I want is for baby to be ok. We were told to wait 2-3 weeks for a rescan.

The rescan date came around. Baby still had their hand infront of their face but luckily the sonographer was able to check the lips, nose and chin. She was then able to check the brain and phew everything ok! Baby was still being a pickle so we had to go for a walk and drink more water to try and get them to move. We went back in and the sonographer still couldn’t get a clear picture of the heart. She checked what she could but the heart had to be marked as incomplete scan on my record.

I then asked if she could have a go at seeing the gender. That part was easy, she showed us the ‘potty shot’ and it’s definitely ( well 4 of us agreed) it’s a….



We are thrilled! I genuinely did not mind if we had a boy or girl. I’m so excited for Evie to grow up with a sister and hopefully be best friends. I think the Mr felt a bit outnumbered at first but now he is just as excited.

We can’t wait for baby girl to join us earthside and make us a family of 4!

Amy xox



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