20 week pregnancy update!


As I write this I’m sat outside the hospital, about to go in for my anomaly scan which happens to coincide with me being 20 weeks pregnant today!


That feels crazy, the weeks are flying by!

I have been feeling the baby wriggle since about 15 weeks. It’s such a lovely feeling and I can definitely tell the kicks/movements are getting stronger.

Symptoms wise I’ve just been suffering with headaches, tiredness and achey hips at night when I lay on my left side.

I haven’t had any cravings really. I guess I am prefering savoury /carby things but on the other hand I can’t wait to go to the sweet shop in Bath once the scan is done.

We are hoping to find out the babys gender at our scan today, so watch this space!

We haven’t made many baby purchases yet. I think I need to make a wishlist and sort through Evie’s things to see what we actually need.

Thanks for reading

Amy x



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