Sensory Sunday

We spend most Sundays at home, having a chilled out, relaxing day. The Mr works every other Sunday so I’m always trying to find ways to fill the day. We love doing sensory/messy activities so I’ve decided to make Sunday…Sensory Sunday! It might encourage me to do more of these activities with E and also a great way to spend some time with each other.

Today I made a blue themed sensory tray.


I coloured some rice blue last night as I find it can take a while to dry, so it’s best to leave it over night. I will pop the method for colouring rice below. Then I scouted the house for a variety of blue coloured items that had different shapes and textures and are safe for E to use (she’s 16 months and tends to put things in her mouth still!) and that was it. So simple and quick but E got so much enjoyment out of it and we were sat with the tray discovering for about an hour which is unheard of around here! She usuallly plays with something for 5 minutes before throwing it back into the toy box.

She enjoyed taking all of the items out and putting them back in again. Scooping up the rice with her hand and letting it fall thorugh her fingers. She was particularly taken with the pom poms and by the end had her feet in the tray!

How to make coloured rice

-Fill a ziploc bag with rice

-Pour a tea spoon of white vinegar into the bag and a splash of food colouring.

-Zip the bag and rub the mixture around in the bag so the all of the rice gets covered in food colouring.

-Place on some grease proof paper and allow to dry and let the colour absorb.

Thanks for reading

Amy x





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