First Trimester

Seeing as I’m 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I thought I better write about my first trimester.

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. I already knew I was pregnant, I had a feeling. But I had to wait to do a test as the Mr was away with work and I wanted him to be there when I took the test.

Although I had a feeling that I was pregnant, I was still surprised when I saw two blue lines!

A couple of days after the marvellous arrival of two blue lines, I started to get pain in the right ovary area. It wasn’t anything drastic, just a dull ache but at the back of my mind I was worried about an ectopic pregnancy. The pain followed with some brown spotting and then I definitely heard alarm bells ringing! I took a trip to the EPAU the next day, expecting the worse. I was given an internal scan which showed a viable pregnancy in my uterus (phew!) but the sonographer couldn’t get a look at the ovaries and fallopian tubes as my uterus had tilted backwards. She explained that it is very rare to get a pregnancy implant in the uterus and one implant elsewhere. After the scan I saw a doctor. She couldn’t find any reason for the spotting and suggested that the ache was things stretching out. I continued to have this pain until around 9-10 weeks and I couldn’t shake the feeling that although an ectopic was unlikely, it wasn’t impossible. Thankfully at around 10 weeks the ache disappeared and at my dating scan the sonographer was able to check my ovaries and everything looks as it should. I’m still not convinced it was just stretching pain but hey it’s gone and will remain one of life’s little mysteries!

Moving on from that event, the rest of my first trimester has remained pretty uneventful!

I haven’t suffered any sickness, I have had the odd wave of nausea in the evening.

Tiredness hit me hard around 10-13 weeks, this was mainly due to Evie deciding she didn’t need to sleep anymore. I was getting about 4 hours of broken sleep at night and on top of the usual pregnancy fatigue I felt wrecked! Thankfully, Evie is now sleeping better (please may it continue!).

The only other thing to mention is that my migraines with visual aura have come back. I haven’t experienced these for 8 years and didn’t have any when  I was pregnant with Evie. I have had about 7 in the last month. I am seeing my doctor soon but the likelihood is the pregnancy hormones that are triggering them.

So far this pregnancy feels identical to Evie’s but just milder symptoms with the addition of migraines.

Fingers crossed for a happy, healthy second trimester!

Amy x


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