We’re expecting baby No2!

The Mr and I are so excited to share that Evie will be joined by a little brother or sister in September!


We had our dating scan last Sunday and all looks healthy so far and I am almost 14 weeks. Official due date is September 21st, however I will probably have a elective C-Section slightly before. I see a consultant in a few weeks so I’ll update on that then.

This little bundle was planned, as was Evie (although as we’re not married, some people assume otherwise!) and there will be a 21 month age gap between Evie and Baby. We had always wanted a small age gap, for various reasons. I am very happy and excited to be adding to our family but a little nervous about having two under two!

I look forward to blogging pregnancy  updates and filling my IG feed with baby spam once baby is here!

Amy x



7 thoughts on “We’re expecting baby No2!

  1. Congrats Amy, hope your feeling well, I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 as well, will have a 24 month age gap with mine – I agree that it’s lovely to have them close enough together. Best of luck!


  2. Hi Amy, congratulations on your bun in the oven! 🙂 I’ve just had bub #2 and am enjoying my early days with my two boys. I think 21 months is a great gap, though it definitely would have its challenges too. We were hoping for a smaller gap but things took a while – our boys are 2.5 years apart. Looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy!


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