Our visit to Roves Farm

Myself, Evie and our friend Zoe had such a lovely time at Roves Farm . Well it was going well until poor Zoe hurt her back! But aside from that it was a lovely day.

We were super lucky that spring had sprung and the sun was shining.

We started our day in the cafe (where else!?) which turns out to be more than just a cafe… Inside a huge converted barn is a cafe but surrounding it is activities for children of all ages. Evie loved roaming around in an enclosure with play tractors and tyres. It was great, as it was enclosed it meant she could walk freely and I didn’t have to worry about her running off.

There was also a small soft play area for babies and one for under 5s. There were swings and such like and a big fort in the middle for older children. I did spy some pre schoolers crawling through tunnels with glow sticks, that looked rather fun!


We had a yummy lunch which was reasonably priced and tasted really good. Evie had a childrens box which I was quite impressed with. It included cheese sarnies, quavers, biscuits, a little fairy cake and a carton of apple juice, all for £3.85 which I thought was quite good. She doesn’t eat that much so I helped her out with the biscuits!

After lunch we were excited to see the animals. Our first venture was into the pets barn. You can handle the animals in here at certain times of day and also see the baby animals being fed. We missed this but enjoyed looking at them. The lambs were so cute!


After that we went to visit the barn where we met a very friendly highland cow. All of the animals were very sociable and obviously used to a lot of people saying hello. We also saw some pigs and other breeds of cow. Some Chickens and Turkeys were roaming the place. Miss Evie was very keen yo chase them!


We walked down to an outdoor play area and had a go on the swings and slide.

Unfortunately Zoe’s back got worse so we thought it best to go. We had seen everything but just missed out on a tractor ride which runs 3 times a day.

We would love to go back in the Summer and hopefully catch the tractor ride. I would highly recommend a trip here if you live locally!

Amy x


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