December Baby

“What a shame she has a birthday so close to Christmas”, ” Must be horrible to have a baby at Christmas time” , “She’ll never have a special birthday, it’ll be over shadowed by Christmas” are just some of the comments I’ve received about my December baby.

Evie was due on 12th December. Realising my baby would be born in December didn’t initially bother me. I was just over the moon to be having a baby! It was when other people started making comments about it that I started to over think it. If I went 12 days over I would be induced on Christmas eve and I started to become worried about having a baby over the festive period and what this meant for her future birthday celebrations. I was arranging in my head how we would make her birthday special, how to separate the two events and she hadn’t even been born yet!

Evie was overdue and arrived closer to Christmas than I would’ve wanted.But you know what? It doesn’t matter. I couldn’t care which day of which month she joined us Earth side. As long as we have her.

We celebrated her first birthday last year and it was just as special as any other first birthday I have been to. Granted, it was harder to arrange things with the weather not being as nice as it might be in the summer months. We had a fab tea party at our house with close family and friends. It was lovely. The three of us went to Peppa Pig world the day after. It was chilly but the sun was shining and we had a great time. We would have done this no matter what time of year. We just get a glittery Christmas tree in the background of photographs!

It’s not about what time of year your baby is born, it’s about how you celebrate them and make things special. I feel as a parent, it’s in my hands to ensure Evie has a special day every year, a time to make special memories. The date won’t effect that.

December babies rock!

Amy xx




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