Favourite Toddler books

I love books and reading and so it was only natural for me to introduce books to Evie from an early age. She was around two weeks old when I started sharing books with her. She never seemed to go through the 6 week sleepy newborn stage, she was alert from the get go and trying to find ways to entertain someone so young was difficult. but I found that she loved to stare at colourful images in books.

She has continued to enjoy books and is a real bookworm. She will often bring a book to me and hold her arms out for me to pick her up and share the book.

She has a book basket in our front room (aswell as reading corner in her room) and I rotate the books in here. I often link them to a theme or occassion. When we visited the farm I put farm themed books in there and at Easter it will be filled with Easter themed stories.

I have lots of paper picture books for Evie but we’re saving those for when she is a little older. She tries to rip the pages and they’re are a little wordy. She likes sharp and snappy at the moment. All of her books (for now) are board books. This means she can easily turn the pages and they are a little more durable!

here are her favourites at the moment and ones I would definitely recommend.

1.The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A classic! No book shelf is complete without this book. It has so many learning opportunities- shape, number, days of the week, life cycle, colour, I could go on. This particular book has finger holes in the fruit and Evie loves to poke her finger through as we count.


2.I spy

Evie got this book for Christmas. Each page has a beautifully illustrated  scene eg the park, the farm, a home. There is a list of things to find on each page. We go through and point to different objects. Evie is getting really good at finding the items on each page. As she gets older, it will be great to play I Spy with and good for open ended discussions.


3.Each Peach Pear Plum

Evie loves the rhyme and rhythm in this book! We have borrowed this from the library three times now. I think I better get her her own copy!



We found these in a charity shop. Evie loves to read these over and over again. She had these in her early days and are still a firm favourite.



Not exactly a literary masterpiece but Evie loves Peppa. She loves the TV programme and enjoys the books as she recognises Peppa and the other characters. This is also a lift the flap book which she has just started to get into. I get frustrated when she crumples the flap ha!


6.That’s not my…

These are by far her favourite books! From about 8 months old she has enjoyed finding all the textures and looking at the colourful illustrations. She has 4 more downstairs and these on her bookshelf.


7.The Zoo

Another classic but Evie particularly enjoys this version as it has buttons that make sounds. There are prompts in the story to tell you when to push the sound buttons. She hasn’t quite got the hang of that concept yet and prefers to just push the buttons and laugh at the nosies.


8.Meg and Mog

This was my childhood favourite and I bought this for her when I was pregnant. The black, white and red images are great for babies and she has enjoyed this for a long time.

ABM_1456332194So these are Evie’s favourite toddler books at the moment. We enjoy trips to the library and bookshop so I’m sure she will develop new favourites as the months go on!

What books does your child enjoy? Can you recommend any good titles?

Amy x



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