20 Facts about me!

I’ve been tagged to do the ’20 facts about me’ on IG a couple of times and thought I would put it up on here. I’m sure some of you follow me on IG but for those that don’t it’s a great way to get to know a little more about me. Here goes…

1. I have a PGCE specialising in Early Years.

2.I collect vintage glass, mainly maltese and love going to vintage/antique fairs with my Dad.

3. I don’t eat meat but I do eat chicken. I call myself a vegetarian as I mostly eat veggie options even if chicken is on the menu. This causes great confusion amongst friends!

4. I would love to have a go at doing a voice over for an animation.

5. I’m an only child.

6.I’ve been with my other half for 9 years and we got engaged last July.

7.My childhood pet was a cat called Bubbles who lived to be 18.

8.I hit a wheelie bin on my second driving test. Passed 3rd time!

9. I would like to live in a seaside village ( not sure that will ever happen!)

10. I looove online shopping.

11. I listen to my heart. A lot.

12. My close family and friends mean everything to me.

13. I’m a bookworm and so is Miss E.

14. I can’t stop buying clothes for Evie. It’s ridiculous!

15. I like to sew. Mainly cushions and patchwork. Would like to have a go at a dress for Evie.

16. I’m a cosy night in kinda gal rather than a party goer.

17. I hate crowds.

18. I have ย anxiety about death of others. That links for a form of OCD because now I have written that I have to say ‘no’ in my head 10 times. I could write about that one all day.

19. I love the little things in life-sunshine, flowers, smiles, cups of tea, books, nature to name a few.

20. I feel that since becoming a Mother I have truly started to live. Although there are challenging moments, I love everyday with my squidge.

Thanks for reading. Not a very exciting 20. I haven’t climbed a mountain or trekked the amazon but I’m not really bothered about that!

Amy xx



2 thoughts on “20 Facts about me!

  1. Love reading your blog. A lot of your facts ring true with me too…the little things in life that are precious. Maybe it’s because I’m an Elmes too…


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