Sensory bottles


The internet/Pintrest is full of sensory bottle examples with ‘how tos’ and different ideas of what to fill them with. I first had a go at making these about 10 years ago when I was training to be an Early Years Teacher. I made them when I had a placement in a baby room and they went down a treat.

We drink a lot of bottled water in our house as the tap water is really hard and can taste like chlorine. I recently noticed that E is picking our bottles up and watching the water swish around in there. She particularly likes it if one of us has squash and the colour has changed. Observing this made me think back to the sensory bottles I made years ago and thought I would make some for her.

Like I say there are hundred of tutorials for these online but I thought I would share how we made ours.

What you will need.


Step One

I raided my craft room for materials that I thought would work well in the bottles. I found glitter, sequins, pony beads, jingle bells and silver foil. Have a look around your house and see what you could use. If you don’t have any materials handy, Wilkos, Poundland and Home Bargains sell glitter etc quite cheap. You could also use buttons, pipe cleaners and gems to name but a few.

Step Two

I found a couple of bottles that we were going to recycle. I tried to use different sized bottles to encourage grip and fine motor skills. I washed out the bottles, took the labels off and let them dry.

Step Three

I filled the bottles with the resources.

Step Four

Next, I filled the bottles to the top with tap water. I would advise using a funnel if you have one handy. I don’t have one so I just went for it but made a bit of a mess!

Step Five

Now you will need to add glycerine. I picked this up for about 90p in the bakery aisle of Sainsburys. You only need to add a couple of drops but the glycerine will help the items move smoothly through the water and not all gush to the other end when tipped upside down.

Step Six

I used a hot glue gun to seal the lid onto the bottle to make sure there are no accidents. If you do not have a glue gun you could use superglue. I ran some glue around the lid and screwed it back on.

Step Seven

Explore and play! Evie has been fascinated by the bottles. She loves rolling them, handling them and watching the items move through the water. I plan to make some more with different items inside to evoke different senses.



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