My first week as a stay at home Mum

Our Week in Pictures

I am writing this at what is the end of my first week as a stay at home Mum (SAHM). Although I was excited about this prospect the thought of not having a job and having a one year old as company 24/7 was a little daunting.There have been moments since I handed in my notice back in October when I have questioned if I have done the right thing. Although I adore my daughter and know it was the right decsision for us as a family. But was it the right decision for me? How would it feel to be financially relying on my other half (we do not receive any benefits and rely solely on his income and my money from the odd bit of supply teaching)? How would we fill our days? Would I miss my career? I may ask these questions to myself in 6 months time and have different answers but for now I can safely say that yes, it was the right decision.


I enjoy spending my days with Evie. I like to keep busy and on a Sunday evening I sit down and plan our out week to make sure we have plans every day. I am lucky that my Mum doesn’t work during the day and we have some friends at home with their children so there’s always people about to have a cuppa and a natter with. We have been to groups, been on walks, fed the ducks, went to the library, visited the sensory room and went to the swings. So far I do not miss my career one bit. I miss having a laugh with my TA and other staff and seeing the children. But I do not miss the daily rush of routines and the stress that comes with Teaching.

Being a stay at home Mum isn’t for everyone. I don’t doubt that there will be hard days when E has tantrums, gets ill or gets grumpy with teething. There will be days when I’m lonely and count the hours down until The Mr gets home. I’m sure there will be times when I wan’t to curl up into a ball and hide under the duvet. But for now and in this moment I am happy that I followed my heart.

Amy xx


4 thoughts on “My first week as a stay at home Mum

  1. It’s lovely to hear that, for now at least, you are happy with this decision. I gave up my career when my daughter was 10 months old, and she’s now 6. I do have the days when I think it’d be easier to be at work! but by and large, I’m so happy with my decision. Enjoy x


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