Evie’s first year

I can’t believe that a few weeks ago we were celebrating Evie turning One! What a year it’s been. There have definitely been tough times but the magical moments have outweighed the not so magical ones.

I remember bringing her home at 4 days old. It was scary stuff being responsible for a little life.  She was so tiny and I became obsessive with checking that she was breathing. Her second night at home, the colic kicked in. It was bad. She wasn’t just a little bit whiney. She screamed from around 5pm until the latest at 2am but normally 12am. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course I knew newborns cry but I had no idea that it could get to this level.  The midwife was really unhelpful and told me “not to worry, it’ll pass by 6 months old”. 6 months! 6 months!! There is no way we could survive this for 6 months! I started to get anxious about the evenings. I dreaded 5pm and what lay ahead. It may sound silly but if you have had a baby that screams, not cries but screams, gets red, screws their legs up to their body and is so unhappy. It hurts. It hurt my heart, my soul . I hated seeing her unhappy and not being able to help. When Evie was 4 weeks old, an angel sent in the form of my Health Visitor came to visit me. I told her about the colic and thank goodness she actually had some advice. We started Infacol immediately. I joined a local baby massage class which showed me ways to help release Evie’s wind. She also suggested cooled boiled water and a warm bath before bed. I will never know which one of these methods worked but one of them did. The endless crying stopped and peace was restored. My anxiety began to fade and I started to enjoy the evenings snuggled up with my baby.

With the dark days of colic behind us the next few months began to fly by. We enjoyed baby groups, coffee at friends houses with other little ones and lazy mornings snuggled up in bed. E started weaning at 23 weeks. A little earlier than recommended but I felt she was ready and I think it’s really important to listen to your baby and follow their lead.  Her first taste was pureed carrots and she loved it!

At 6 months old, out of nowhere appeared 6 teeth! They all came within 2 weeks. She now has another 4 about to pop through all at once. I can just see them beneath the gums.

At one years old, Evie is 70cm tall, she weighs 21lbs. She can crawl, roll and cruise the furniture. Up until today she has only take one or two steps by herself. Today she took ten and seems to be getting the hang of this walking malarkey. She says Mama, Dada, Baba and lots of other babble. Her favourite things to do are watch the washing machine, go to the swings, ride the trolley around the supermarket, dance, eat and cuddle.

It has been a year of firsts. Not just for Evie but for me and the Mr. I can’t wait for the next year ahead.  Hopefully filled with more adventures and watching her grow and change.

Amy x



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